Volume 1, Issue 2


“lululemon made Glenmore better…

…by working with our health and safety board to improve labour, safety and environmental standards.”

– James Rowley, Glenmore Printing

2013-worksafe-bc-statslululemon athletica’s partners around the globe make it possible for them to expand internationally and develop and create beautiful product. In mid 2013, lululemon revamped their Vendor Code of Ethics (VCoE) to help their vendors achieve a higher level of workplace safety and employee satisfaction. lululemon takes great care in the selection of their vendors, and aligning on core values with potential partners is the first step to set the stage for successful long-term relationships. Their VCoE outlines their commitment to bestin- class industry standards, and ensures that despite cultural and legal differences among countries where they produce or source goods, all partners uphold a consistent set of criteria. lululemon’s Sustainability Team and commissioned third-party experts use the VCoE to conduct regular assessments at all vendor facilities.

Through this process, lululemon has grown to become a resource for their vendors looking to improve labour, safety and environmental standards. Being a trusted partner with lululemon for many years, Glenmore was asked to participate in an assessment at the company’s Richmond facility in 2014. Working with Glenmore’s recently formed Health and Safety Board, the assessors made a dozen key suggestions to improve workplace health and safety. lululemon recommended plans to help Glenmore develop a fire safety and evacuation plan, as well as a toxic materials containment plan. The initial findings and Glenmore’s commitment created positive results.

Through the involvement of lululemon as a third party assessor, Glenmore has experienced a greater employee buy-in to shop floor safety standards.

lululemon was able to shed light on certain safety practices which Glenmore’s employees previously neglected. Overall, the process strengthened the bond between Glenmore and their trade workers by showing a true commitment to workplace safety.

The results achieved at Glenmore are not uncommon; since revamping the program in 2013 lululemon has seen a marked improvement with labour, safety and environmental standards at vendor facilities. This collaborative approach shows the power of a responsible supply chain and the outcomes that can be achieved when organizations work alongside their vendors.

lululemon is constantly listening to their vendors and monitoring industry best practices for continuous improvement.

Print samples for lululemon printed by Glenmore