What is PrizmaFoil™?

Prizmafoil™ is an exclusive technology only offered by Glenmore Custom Print & Packaging. Prizmafoil™ is a cutting edge foiling process that allows our customers to add foil of all colors, sizes, & shapes to their print at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional hot stamping. Prizmafoil™ can hold solids, half tone screens, and extremely fine line weights as small as 0.5pt, reducing production times and allowing us to deliver high quality foiled print on time. Glenmore can create foil of all colors, including but not limited to silver, gold, holographic and all PMS colors. Did we mention, that we do this in-line on press at blazing speeds?!

How Does it Work?

It’s simple! Glenmore’s team of Prizmafoil™ experts will create the foil file using your existing working files. We then mount a printing plate onto the press that carries an adhesive that the foil can transfer too. Once the foil is transferred onto the paper, we use your existing CMYK plates to overprint the foil and create different colors of foil! This inline process offers several advantages:

Other Benefits:

  • Fast Make Ready
  • Quicker Delivery Dates than Hot Foil Stamping
  • No Costly Copper or Brass Dies
  • True Litho Registration
  • Ideal for Both Long and Short Runs
  • All colors are possible in one pass
  • Different coatings & finishes can be applied to foil

Why PrizmaFoil™?

PrizmaFoil™ adds value to your product or service with clean elegant lines of foil. Gaining the attention of consumers at retail, & blowing clients expectations away with presentation pieces, Prizmafoil™ is the choice of designer and brand owners that want the extra impact of high end print enhancements. Prizmafoil™ will outshine traditional hot stamping with it’s flexibility, color pallette, and cost. The main feature of Prizmafoil™ is it’s ability to attract attention: Click here to read PrintAction’s article on Glenmore’s foil printing process.

Here are some statistics on print enhanced products:*


Recognition with print enhancements


Longer Attention Span of consumers at retail

2 sec.

to Identify Brands containing print enhancements (4.3 seconds without)

*These statistics are taken from The Value of Print Enhancements presentation by Jeff Peterson, Dr. Andrew Hurley, Scott Richey David Hitchison for the Foil & Specialty Effect Association.

Number of SKUs in Average Market
Number of SKUs in Average Big Box
Average Shopping Time (in minutes)
Percentage of Decisions made in store