Vancouver, BC cold foil printing

Welcome to PrizmaFoil’s Test Print File Upload

We look forward to helping you achieve your project goals! But before we get started, please read through our print requirements. This way, can ensure an efficient and timely delivery of your prints.

Please ensure your files meet the following requirements:

  • Files are unflattened working files, organized neatly in proper layer order
    • Please include:

    • Fonts
    • Links
    • Image
    • Spot Colors are provided (not converted to CMYK)
  • Built in CMYK (no RGB)
  • Files are unflattened working files
  • Highest Resolution Files are preferred
  • No PDFs
  • Write “FREEPRIZMATEST” in the subject field followed by your name

Once you are certain your file is ready, please upload your file below. Feel free to leave us a message! We look forward to seeing your project come to life.

I ensure that the above requirements have been met.