Book Printing

If you are a publishing house, or a self-published author, you have come to a Vancouver book printing haven. We can produce a small or large amount of books, from designing the cover to paper options and binding, we are the solution to the custom job of your choice.

Trust us with your most important labour of love and we will work with you to print, design and bind your ideas in an enticing package.

The Benefits to using Glenmore:

  • Book printing of any orders can be managed efficiently
  • Delivery of books anywhere is easy
  • Re-ordering is made easy online without having to order from scratch
  • We can print on any desired paper stock
  • We can store your stock until you need it

With our vast products you can choose from the best and be satisfied with the end product. We can provide anything from soft covers to hard covers which include perfect or case binding depending on your needs. For long lasting books we suggest you chose a case binding which allows for a spine title versus a stitched bound type mostly used for catalogues.

And for added measure, to make sure your project prints just like you want it to, our expert press operators monitor each job to ensure the quality of each impression that comes off the press.

With today’s changing market, and the popularity of E-books growing, here at Glenmore have invested in top of the line equipment to ensure that the art of making books stays alive and well. Our equipment has recently been updated and expanded to house efficient and excellence under one roof. Our investment guarantees a great product, with new technology that allows a quick production without giving up an ounce of quality.

To find out the best option for your projects, please call our helpful and knowledgeable staff today.