Litho-lam Corrugated Box Printing

When a paperboard box is not sturdy enough to contain your products, you need to make the switch to a corrugated box. At Glenmore, we can give you the quality of an offset printed box, with the rigidity of corrugated. The process of litho laminating involves taking an offset printed top sheet, and laminating (gluing) to a corrugated sheet. Litho-laminating gives you the best of both worlds – high end retail quality packaging with the strength to hold any amount of weight!

The Benefits to using Glenmore:

  • 24 hour production
  • Skilled staff
  • High end look, with durable strength

Because this product prints offset, we can accommodate any custom colours, or coatings. We can give your corrugated box a high gloss look, or utilize a spot matte and gloss contrast. The skilled packaging division staff at Glenmore can help you finds ways to make your product stand out on the shelves.

Because Glenmore is a family owned and operated business, you can call and talk to the owner. We are big enough to handle any sized job, but small enough to meet for coffee. The Glenmore team has been selling custom printed boxes in Vancouver and across Canada for over 30 years, and will make sure you get the results you’re looking for.