Brochure Printing

Brochures are versatile, effective and complementary as a marketing tool. They can be handed out or mailed to give a comprehensive overview of your company and the services you provide and can highlight your mission statements and mandates.

With our quick digital printing, our fast drying ink and other tools of the trade that are at our disposal, we can handle printing on both sides of the page which among other methods of operations, facilitate efficiency. Our knowledgeable staff and equipment can accommodate all kinds of folds that are popular among companies to reflect your design and trademark – some that you may not even be aware are possible but can be described to you by our sales representatives.


  • Large amounts of folding options
  • Choices in finish
  • Colour printing
  • Assembling
  • Affordable

All possible choices of brochures and folds range from matt finishes, gloss finishes, aqueous coating for fast drying needs and vibrant colouring in addition to our fast turnaround.

We can arrange any folding preferences you may have, from a simple half fold to a more complicated tri-tri fold. This is also great for maps or other information that needs to be accessed easily, which is not bulky but compact, to make sure your message is displayed in an attractive, promotional and informative way. Just like postcards, we can also arrange for direct mail options to allow maximum reach across the city, province or cast a much wider net. Our staff work with closely with Canada Post and are familiar with the process and business requirements to help you.

Visit Glenmore online or call us to speak to our sales representatives to find out how we can help you chose the best brochure for your all your business endeavours and get a free quote.