Banner Printing

Just like posters, signs or any other promotional products bearing your logo, name and design; banners are a great way to showcase special events and generate business through an attractive and visual method of communication. Banners are easy to transport and are also easy to set up, take down and reuse however many times you need due to their durability and sturdiness.

They also allow your customers to know how serious and passionate you are about your message and event by creatively displaying and positioning your business and investing in your own branding.


  • Double sided banners
  • Banners printing available on durable materials
  • Concise way to promote an event
  • Easy to carry and set up/take down
  • Affordable way to advertise

Banners are a powerful way to ensure a successful event that will draw in maximum clientele and help in finding new customers and create a compelling option for newly discovered customers. These can also serve as milestones during charity marathon events, outdoor and indoor event announcements.

Banners also allow you to mark the start of your public image and make you distinguishable among other brands that may be competing for the same customer.

With our amazing equipment and talented staff, we can draw more attention to an ad and peak curiosity. This allows for conversation which leads to a great return on your investment: attract awareness!

At Glenmore, we have established strong relationships with local and national companies, and have been their choice printing house for over 30 years.

We are able to produce any idea and help you through the process from the concept to materialization of your banner.

Our sales representatives are standing by and can walk you through the process and all the different options we have available for you. Call us today to find out more information about banner printing.