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    How Crysteda Stood Out In a Crowded Market

    When Danna Sheck first came up with Crysteda Beverages, she wanted to make a drink with unique and delicious flavours. But for the people who love a drink without any of the sugar and preservatives that comes along with it. Crysteda is a female owned and operated business that began in the comfort of Danna’s kitchen. All of her drinks were sampled by friends and family in the company’s early days. The team was always excited to introduce new flavours, beverage packaging, and their paperboard boxes for their customers. They invited everyone to ‘sip into a new state’ by capturing the feeling of summer in each can!

    Cryseda’s secret to showcasing their mission through their packaging

    How did Crysteda showcase its mission to new customers while standing out against competitors? While researching the best option for label production, Danna came across Glenmore Custom Print & Packaging. She could see that Glenmore had the knowledge and experience to give Crysteda the beverage packaging edge she wanted.

    “Glenmore came highly recommended from peers in the beverage space,” says Danna. “I had heard that their knowledge of not only the labels themselves. But also their knowledge of the beverage market itself made it very helpful in the creation process.”

    The Unique Beverage Packaging Creation Process

    “Each label is individually hand painted in alcohol ink, scanned in, and digitally manipulated to wrap around the cans. Which gives them a crafted, bespoke feel on shelves. While we wanted to go bold, we still wanted people to instantly recognize our cans as vodka soda. So we also allowed for ample negative space, keeping to the standard of ‘white’ for vodka products.” Danna explains.

    Glenmore has extensive experience in the food and beverage space. We were able to provide a streamlined experience from the idea stage to completion. For the design of your beverage packing to the paperboard boxes for the cans, we can do it all. 

    “​​The Glenmore team has been phenomenal to work with!  They made it an enjoyable experience from start to finish. They were very knowledgeable on what route we should take to make our branding really stand out on shelves. And they were also willing to adjust at any time to make our visions come to life.  I look forward to continuing to work with Glenmore Custom Prints & Packaging as we continue to grow.” says Danna.

    Glenmore Custom Prints & Packaging look forward to working with the amazing team at Crysteda Beverages again, too!

    If you would like to give your beverage packaging a unique look that will stand out among the growing competition. Reach out to the printing and packaging experts at Glenmore Custom Prints & Packaging for all of your packaging needs.