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    Proudly Serving Vancouver BC and the Pacific Northwest for over four decades.

    At Glenmore, we know the power of a good first impression. And that starts with your product’s packaging. Over the last four decades, Glenmore has taken on some of the most challenging print and packaging projects with some of the most respected and successful brands across North America. Family owned and operated since 1981, Glenmore Custom Print & Packaging started as a one-man shop in Richmond, BC, and quickly became an industry leader, with over 100 employees.

    With state-of-the-art equipment and an unwavering commitment to quality, Glenmore has always been at the forefront of printing techniques and stands as Canada’s top custom manufacturer of printed paperboard boxes, litho-laminated corrugated boxes, labels, shrink sleeves, tubes, and more. By offering full in-house finishing, your packaging is printed and assembled all under our roof resulting in lower costs, quicker turnaround times, and the highest levels of quality control from start to finish.

    Glenmore’s work has been recognized by Graphic Monthly, the Canadian Print Awards, Folding Carton Magazine, Canadian Packaging, and the Dieline Awards.

    The Glenmore

    Behind every project is a promise that your job will get done right and on-time by a passionate team of people that stand behind their work. Let us show you how we can help — speak to one of our sales representatives today and get a free no-obligation quote.

    Our Commitment

    We’re dedicated to working with local suppliers and locally crafted brands.

    A Focus on
    Localized Economics

    By focusing on relationships with local and environmentally responsible suppliers, Glenmore has a reduced dependence on long-haul shipping. One example of this is Glenmore’s commitment to use a North American produced FSC® (FSC- C003129) certified stock as a standard house sheet. Look for our FSC®- certified products, flexibility, fast turnaround time, a healthy economy, and reduced shipping emissions are all a by-product of Glenmore’s commitment to our community.

    A Focus on
    Energy Reduction

    While material reduction is an important factor in reducing environmental impact, so too is a reduction in energy consumption. Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging consistently purchased the most modern and energy- efficient printing and finishing equipment to reduce energy usage. Further, Glenmore has also taken significant steps to reduce overhead and processes required to complete a job. Our sales and estimating staff often work with customers to create designs that are environmentally responsible. The reduction of environmental impacts start at the drawing board. From changing design sizes, to suggesting the best process for finishing, Glenmore’s staff are trained to help clients conceptualize an energy-efficient print design. These factors have accounted for a significant abatement in Glenmore’s environmental footprint.

    Employment of a Licensed
    Environmental Manager

    At Glenmore we’re serious about our goals to reduce environmental impacts. We employ a licensed environmental auditor who actively works on improving environmental responsibility. This employee is an associate member in good standing with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), and holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Environmental Management.

    A Focus on the
    Environment and Waste Reduction

    There is no denying that the production of pulp and paper is the largest factor affecting the environmental life cycle of a printed product. Over the past 10 years, Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging has reduced paper waste through an improved sustainability management system, and a commitment to reduce sheet wastage, and product packaging. Further, Glenmore has reduced chemical waste through several processes, while discovering alternative ways for chemical disposal. Glenmore is always actively developing ways to reduce paper, water, and material waste to reduce the life cycle impact of printed products.

    A Focus on
    Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility is a key factor in sustainability. Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging continually gives to charities such as United Way, BC Cancer Research Society, World Vision, and Union Gospel Mission. Charities such as these pave the way for a sustainable planet, as well as a healthy local and global community.

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