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    Our Commitment to Sustainability

    Glenmore has always been at the forefront of environmental sustainability in the printing, signage and packaging industries. Since 2009, Glenmore has dedicated significant money, time and resources to limiting the environmental impacts that our products create. By working with Glenmore, our customers can have the confidence they have partnered with a leader in sustainability.

    A Focus on
    Localized Economics

    By focusing on relationships with local and environmentally responsible suppliers, Glenmore has a reduced its dependence on long-haul shipping. One example of this is Glenmore’s commitment to use a North American produced FSC® certified stock as a standard house sheet. Glenmore has been a major supporter of FSC certified papers, and has been FSC certified since the early 2000’s. Additionally, Glenmore has a vendor certification process where we factor in the distance travelled for the product to reach our facility, which weighs heavily on the selection of which suppliers we chose to partner with. We favour working with suppliers in, and closer to, our communities. FSC® sustainably certified forests, flexibility, fast turnaround time, a healthy economy, and reduced shipping emissions are all a by-product of Glenmore’s commitment to working with local suppliers.

    A Focus on the
    Environment and Waste Reduction

    There is no denying that the production of pulp and paper is the largest factor affecting the environmental life cycle of a printed product. Over the past 10 years, Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging has reduced paper waste through an improved sustainability management system, and a commitment to reduce sheet wastage, and product packaging. Further, Glenmore has reduced chemical waste through several new investments and processes, while discovering alternative ways for chemical disposal. Glenmore is always actively developing ways to reduce paper, water, and material waste to reduce the life cycle impact of printed products. Our staff work with customers to create designs that are environmentally responsible.

    The reduction of environmental impact starts at the drawing board. From changing design sizes, to suggesting the best process for finishing, Glenmore’s staff are trained to help clients conceptualize an energy-efficient print design. These factors have accounted for a significant abatement in Glenmore’s environmental footprint. The bye product of reducing waste is reducing costs. A smart environmental direction often times generates lower costs by saving valuable resources from being thrown away. Recycling programs, active waste reduction programs, and programs for re-using the leftover materials are all part of Glenmore’s environmental game plan.

    A Focus on
    Energy Reduction

    While material reduction is an important factor in reducing environmental impact, so too is a reduction in energy consumption. For example, Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging has purchased modern and energy- efficient transportation vehicles. We are proud to have been an early adopter of electric vehicles that deliver our small to medium deliveries. From upgrading to energy efficient lights, to reducing the amount of personal printers in our office, we are looking at all ways to remove unnecessary energy consumption from our business. Further, Glenmore has also taken significant steps to reduce overhead and processes required to complete a job, which has dramatically reduced the amount of space required to fullfill orders.

    A Focus on
    Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility is a key factor in sustainability. Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging supports and continually gives to several charities and local institutions supporting youth programs, homelessness, food banks, juvinile diabetes and many more. Charities such as these pave the way for a healthy local and global community, and pave the way for a sustainable planet.

    Employment of a Licensed
    Environmental Manager

    At Glenmore we’re serious about our goals to reduce environmental impacts. On our team we have a licensed environmental auditor who actively works on improving environmental responsibility. This employee is an associate member with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), and holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Environmental Management. This individual has had a significant impact in the Glenmore’s direction towards sustainability during his 13 years working at Glenmore.

    A focus on carbon measuring and carbon reduction.

    Glenmore has partnered with Climate Smart, a Vancouver based emissions measurement & management training and software firm, who helps measure, track and reduce carbon footprints. Every year Glenmore tracks and measures it’s carbon emissions data, and attacks the areas of the business where emissions reductions can be achieved. Glenmore has made a pledge to their employees and customers to become carbon neutral in 2 years.

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